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I have been completely absorbed in Lamplight City for the last fortnight. I've even weened myself off playing too much because I know the game will only go for so long and when it's gone, who knows if there will be a sequel to look forward to. One can only hope.

It was a stab in the heart when Bill stopped talking, his banter really made the game so enjoyable, especially when he took the piss out of Miles. It was a great dynamic, Mile's serious and brooding demeanour teamed up with the laughable comic Bill Leger. I really hope there is a way that Bill can come back in a future Lamplight City game, perhaps Miles goes back on the Sopohric as a way of dealing with permanently losing Bill, and somehow Bill comes back to warn Miles that he is doing the wrong thing?

I really enjoyed that the main character was flawed and struggled with alcohol and sophoric. It made the game feel realistic and not cartooney. I thought the writing was beautiful. I loved all the little jokes woven into the story.
At first I was annoyed at the system of you piss someone off, and you cut off talking to them as a lead. I even got somewhat frustrated and named my save file FailingAllTheCases as I had progressed into unsatisfying resolutions for cases 1-5.

I ended up starting from scratch and saving periodically, so if I said anything too stupid to annoy someone, I could easily revert back to a safe point.

I really enjoyed the music and welcoming when returning to Miles' home. It really felt like Addy had a deep love for Miles, and it was a small touch to the game that made it feel comforting, welcoming and warm.

I had to get my husband to solve the puzzle where the steam tech engine wasn't working (and it was the only way to get to the upstairs apartment for the case). Although, in retrospect there may have been someone who could have helped with it. Uptown perhaps or Addy?.

The locker puzzle also bugged out for me the other night. I saved my game and came back and but in the correct first two numbers and I randomly put in the number 5 and it opened, so I'm not sure what that was about. I counted the number of the picture above the locker room, the number on the locker room poster as well as the number outside the locker room, near where the manager was.

I deeply loved the strong female leads, both Addy and Uptown were confident and strong women that helped in the storyline. They weren't just women thrown in for the sake of eye candy or one upping the main heroes ego. I was so proud of Addy for kicking Bill out when he crossed the line.

The art and general feeling of being monitored by that spaceship looking thing in the sky was wonderful. I loved the dark blue, grey and green hues of the city. It would be nice to visit other area in future, I don't think we were able to cross the bridge into the rich city?

This game brought me back to my childhood of playing point and click LucasArts adventure games such as Monkey Island and Sam & Max. I can only hope that there are plans in the works for a Lamplight City 2 sequel. Please let it be DRM free and available on GOG.

I'm now going to get my husband to try the game. I'm going to buy "A Golden Wake" as I believe this was be made by the same game developer.

Thank you for creating such an immersive world rich of wonder, intrigue and surprise. Please make Lamplight City 2 a reality, I would buy it at a moments notice.

EDIT: I had to remove some formatting and modify my grammar so that the post would go live.
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I can only support this, really great game with a great atmosphere...... keep up the good work....