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i tried this mission for 50 times and i have no clue how to beat it. The forces the enemy ai sends at my troops are just rediculous. I tried to build defenses in the valley chokepoint, i tried massing flame tanks, but the outcome is everytime the same. I am overwhelmed by ever increasing waves of enemies. First 1 siege elefant then 2, 3 ....

I even watched a walkthrough video but thoses tactics were pure luck or glitch. The walkthrougher attacked the enemy base from the right and destroyed an oil rig. When i try this the AI simply counterattacks with all units and pushes from the right side.

Has anyone beat the mission? I would be thankfull for any tips.

Have a nice easter.
Playing aggressively and going after the enemy's oil is usually a sound strategy in KKND. The LP'er you refer may have gotten lucky with a glitch but hit-and-run on the oil derricks is still a good idea to cut down the enemy numbers. Spam multiple power stations to get the oil in the south quickly, there's also more to the east. Throw down a few missile batteries and keep repairing them with technicians, use a few expendable infantry units to distract if necessary.
Hello H2lWclassic, thanks for your tips.

I finally won the map after 30 or so tries. Your tips were part of my tactic. The most important part was to learn how to micro a speedy bike in front of the mutant hordes to aggro them and lead them in to my line of defense. They try to kill the bait and are easy prey for my defenses and some flanking mobil units. Nethertheless thanks for your advice.

Have a nice day
Yes, unit micro is important too, I neglected to mention that. Have fun with the rest of the campaign :)