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Topic says it all, really. I can run the campaign just fine, but if I try and create a SoloPlay match under the Multiplayer tab then the game hard-locks or crashes to desktop.

Once in a blue moon I can get to the game setup screen, but the game hard-locked again as soon as I toggled the map display setting. I'm on Windows 10 and tried running as administrator, with no luck. Any ideas?
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Hey Loweko,

It's been a while since I played this, so I was surprised to find the Skirmish did not work for me either.

I've played around with the settings a bit, and found that setting the compatibility option for the EXE itself to Windows 98 / ME allows me to get into the Skirmish screen reliably. But it still crashes when toggling the map display. If you do make it to the Skirmish screen, you might notice that you can't change the map and it's stuck with mlti_01 - I get the feeling there's a read issue with the map directory.

I'll continue playing around with my installation and see if I can get it to work - I still have my Aus CD version laying around, so I'll install that and see if there's any difference between the folder structure of them.

Further down in this forum, someone suggests copying the KKND folder to another location, and then uninstalling the game from GOG Galaxy (Or it's original location I guess). After this, you should be able to launch any multiplayer mode without crashing and select different maps. This should probably be stickied to this forum; I'll see if GOG can provide a more effective fix as well.
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I have the exact same problem when creating a SoloPlay game - it dosen't seems like anything work, do you have figured anything out yet?
TheGloryPlatypus: I have the exact same problem when creating a SoloPlay game - it dosen't seems like anything work, do you have figured anything out yet?
As mentioned above, there appears to be a workaround if you copy the game to a new location and uninstall the game from GOG Galaxy - the copied version should run fine in all modes.
So I've looked into it. And it seems like the problems lies in "Program Files" folder. It's by default in Windows 10 it protected from user's actions. You actually need to manually give your profile more rights to do stuff in "KKND2 Krossfire" folder.

As I don't have english win10, I hope my explanation will be understandble enough to fix the problem. Right click on "KKND2 Krossfire" folder, go to properties, go to "Safety " and click "Change". Here you need to give your profile more rights. I just give full rights and you actually must edit two profiles. For me it was like this:

Deimos (DEIMOS\Deimos)
Users (DEIMOS\Users)

After giving those two profiles full rights to work with game's folder, I can host SoloPlay and maybe TCP/IP game.

Update: Just want to show that it works for me. I hosted TCP/IP mode.

Update2: Well, nevermind. The SoloPlay stoped working for me and after some restarts TCP/IP also stoped to work. It's better to install the game anywhere, but Program Files folder.
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