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Hey Guys,

I was so nervous to play again one of my favourtie games.

Installation on XP SP2, 2,8GHz AMD QuadCore, 4GB (3GB in XP)

I play in full-screen 1024x768

PROBLEMAfter Mission-Briefing The loading bar for the mission takes forever.
My only solution so far
=> Returning to desktop (Windows key on Keyboard) and return to game
=> The MAGIC happens=> immedatley loading complete ;).

But thats not a solution for me.

What I realized so far
*Mouse freezing for a few seconds in Main menu before I can control it (Normal?)
*Mission-Briefing-Video-hangs for a few seconds (Normal?)
*Loading-Mission takes forever except for returning to desktop.

I tried
=>Win95 and Win98-compatibility-mode
=>Easy-Toolz-CPU Affinity to one CPU

But it doesnt work out.

Anyone got an idea or same problem and fixed it somehow?

Thx guys
Ok fixed it myself. This time the problem was something with WinXP. I know it is outdated, but it works fine for so many old games (and even with newer ones like Banished), so I thought for KKND2 it is the right choice.

What I found out is, that I am not able to play version in Resolutions higher than 800x600.
If try I get freezings aso. (see above).

Solution is Win7 (even 64bit) => install and run as adminstrator.
Because ot the old age of this game, never thought about Win7 being the better system for KKND2,
but for my issues it is.

So Problem solved. Use 800x600 in WinXP or Install and play as administrator on Win7 for 1024x768.
Good on you, friend, for finding your own solution.

I, although, am one of those people for whom the game worked at first try. On Windows 7. Mwahahaha!