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Hello everyone.

I remember I once have played PS1 version of this game. apparently there are many differences.

1-) in the PS1 version, I remember each player can have maximum of 2 buildings of the same type only.
2-) I also notice there are 5 tech levels in some PC versions; in the PS1, only 4 tech levels existed
3-) I also notice many new buildings in the online wikis that I have never see in the PS1 version (Tank repair building, thermal exchanger, etc)
4-) I remember the Evolved mission 1: I will be your best friend, it used to be mission 5 in the PS1 version with a maximum tech lvl 2 instead of 1. are there more mission differences? has there been some missions deleted?

are there more differences? also, how many PC versions exist? Becuz I recall I once played PC version which is very similar to the PS1 with only 4 upgrades and no new buildings. are these changes recent?
There are these releases:
- Krush Kill 'n' Destroy (PC DOS, multiple versions for different languages)
- KKnD Xtreme (PC Windows, multiple versions for different languages. Korean release is called KKnD Special Edition instead)
- KKnD Krossfire (PSX, multiple versions for different languages)
- KKnD 2: Krossfire (PC Windows, multiple versions for different languages AND different releases)

The last one has at last three different releases:
- Early release (Korea only, stable multiplayer)
- Global release (standard english and other latin character based languages)
- Re-Release (basis for non latin languages like chinese versions, plus another english release)

The Re-Release is the most unstable, but thats the one GoG uses for KKnD 2.
The different releases have slight differences in the maps, so they are not multiplayer compatible between eachother!
However, they play all the same (if you dont count bugs or minimal balance or map changes)

Ofcourse there are some demos, alphas and beta versions around, which have some cut content etc.

So to summarize your question: There is no PC version which plays like the PSX version, sorry. Just the 4 variants i wrote above.
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