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Hello everyone.

I've been trying to fix the issue with flickering image and videos, as well as the stuttering mouse.
I think I've found a solution, here is what I did:

1. Installed KKND 2 Krossfire
2. Installed RivaTuner Statistics
3. Opened RivaTuner and added "kknd2.exe"
4. On RivaTuner, the KKND2.exe settings are the following (refer to the image)
5. Opened Options.exe on the KKND 2 installation folder
6. Used 1024x768 resolution and altered "Max Units per team" to 1000
7. Started the game using KKND2.exe

It seems to have fixed the image/video flickering, mouse stutter and the ingame errors related to "Cannot create unit".
This works for the normal version downloaded from the GOG website, I haven't tested the GOG Galaxy downloaded game, but I think it should be the same. I couldn't get it to work properly with the KWIP mod, hope someone else can figure it out.

Hope to get some feedback, let's keep this awesome game alive!
guide.jpg (52 Kb)
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You can use dgvoodoo to fix rendering issues.

It works fine in conjunction with KWIPv3.