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Hi. I managed to get custom resolutions to work with the GoG release! Hell yes!

Hires + working multiplayer now possible! (Win7 64, at least)

(Credits goes to 'Saruman' from wsfg. I am not him).

Take a look at this page:

However, the tables at that page are a little off since GoG version uses another compiled version of the KKND Xtreme's exe.

The correct addresses for the GoG version are:










(Credits goes to 'Saruman' from wsfg. I am not him).

I can make it easier for to understand how to do this if requested, but all the info are at wsfg. ;)

Note: There's a few glitches, but most (if not all) goes away when you actually play the game. Just move the screen around a little at first. Maybe it changes between different res. Just try it. ;)

Also note:


This seems to work for MP play (Tested: Win7 64).

Tip: Set XP2 or XP3 or Win7, whatever works best for you, on 'KKNDgame.exe'. Win7 mode seems to turn vync in the game, actually.


Patch colour fixes to the reg with DirectDrawFix (fixes weird colours) (Credits = xOmicron)
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On the site also stands that there is a Resolution Changer App existing but I can't find it. Has anyone a working downloadlink?
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