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DHawthorne: My game on Win7 Pro *acts* like it isn't going to run, but if I wait a good ten minutes (I'm not kidding or exaggerating, I start the game and just browse the web until it decides to start up), it will eventually start. The only clue I have is the following entries in the log:

CAudioMixer: Error return <-2> from CAudioMixer::Add( CAudioInst *pCAudioInst... )
CAudioMixer::_Load: Can't create a True3D sound definition.... exiting...

That's repeated over and over in my log, so I have to assume it's trying to load some setting the sound driver doesn't support. Yet, once the game is running, everything works fine, including all the sound and voiceovers.
Could you send that along to our Support department? Maybe this is something we might be able to fix. Thanks :D