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One of my favorite games ever, even with the terrible camera angles. If you get the no mouse glitch or messed up colors run the game in compatibility mode win xp3 or windows 7 fixes the issue.

There is good walkthroughs already available but i figured i'd add some useful information. Farm for artifacts in the prologue there are items you'll need the entire game. For James weapons you want to get The Catalyst Dirk or even better the Woundlord sword. In my current play through i've found 10-15 artifact daggers/swords and most are pretty useless. Woundlord is by far the best weapon i've found in any playthrough for james. Jazhara doesnt use any weapons so dont bother leveling any weapon skills. You cannot cast magic if you have a weapon equipt and there are useful spells you can use right away. The 2 i use most are demonblade to cast on james basically doubles his damage or mindblade to attack targets, it can hit pretty hard 15-30 damage and only costs 1 spellpoint. You will want to farm for armor so you can get viox chainmail and/or mail of invulnerability to save for later characters. For james you will want to get dragonskin jerkin and you will want some amulets of protection/luck rings. There are better rings but sometimes harder to find, Rouges Ring and Ring of Guis Wa for james and you'll want to use the ring of flames and the ring of the apprentice for Jazhara. The mage rings are easy to get you can buy them from the shops. If you want to be able to assess any item without raising the Analyze you'll want to farm until you find the dagger of hasperion, equip it when you want to assess items. There is another assessment artifact item but i forget the name of it. Alot of the artifact weapons have cool descriptions and sound useful, but they are crap compared to the woundlord or the catalyst dirk.

You can find alot of artifacts in the prologue/begining of the game before you even start the chapters. I like to go door to door until im level 6-8 and have found most the artifacts i want to keep for the rest of the game. Make sure you find viox chain or invulnerability mail and buy the elven leggins for william before you start chapter 1. The walkthroughs online say to raise 2 hand weapons for jazhara and william but that is incorrect. jazhara will not use weapons the whole game and william uses greatswords/hammers and even though they say they are 2 handed, they actually are blade/blunt weapon skills.

Make sure you farm enough gold to buy the books of secret magic and the scrolls of secret magic. you want to buy all of them from every shop and save them until jazhara magic skills get to 50+. they add 5-10 skills to the different magic skills. every skill up to 50 only costs 1 point to raise, after 50 its 2 points and i think after 70 it is 3 points to riase it 1. so save the scrolls/books until at least after your magic skills are 50.

Last thing i'll add is the disarm traps can be really annoying at the begining but keep trying. once you successfully disarm traps the first time it will save what tool works for each part on the left hand side where it lists the different types of traps. Once james disarm skill is 50+ it becomes alot easier to do and the rewards are worth opening every chest, even if you know you're going to fail just take the damage and heal and keep going. eventually you'll figure out what tool to use and when.

Even though the game is old and the camerea isnt the best, i still highly reccomend playing through this gem if you never have before. Follow the walkthrough the first time playing it since you can miss out on quests/encounters if you do things out of order and there are choices you make throughout the game that change things somewhat. no matter what you pick you can finish the game all the way to the end but you dont want to miss out on All Night Amy.

i cant find anywhere online that has a full list of the artifacts and their affects. there are alot of artifacts in the game but only a handful are useful. Woundlord and Voix Mail are my favorite to use.
Is Return To Krondor available for Mac computers? If so, how/where could I purchase it/play it? Sorry for the noob questions but I've only ever played BAK, tried the Antara one once, and that's it.

Thanks beforehand!
riverdeep: Is Return To Krondor available for Mac computers? If so, how/where could I purchase it/play it? Sorry for the noob questions but I've only ever played BAK, tried the Antara one once, and that's it.

Thanks beforehand!
According to Mobygames this game is released for Windows only.