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I want to replay BaK after about 20 years and have the game set up with the improved MIDI.
I now have run into an issue that I have not found any information on so far. No matter how many times I repair swords and armour, the weaponcraft and armorcraft skills do not improve on my characters. No issues with any other skills so far.
Has anyone encountered this problem too, or am I missing something else?
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Have you tagged them (and them alone) prior to using the whetstone/armorer's hammer? IIRC, untagged skills advance really slowly. Which is my one complaint with the game: you need to play musical chairs with the skill tags, else you won't get full benefit from using them/training/reading books.
Check out the "BAK Help Web" for information about game mechanics (and almost everything else).

Before using the armorer's hammer, uncheck all other skills for all characters, and check only the sword for amorcraft, likewise with whetstone / crossbow repair and weaponcraft. Advance the skill up to 100% for the character in your party being already most capable, then train the next one. Use always the character closest to 100% when repairing things you intend to use yourself. When a character can teach you a skill, be sure to check only this skill before talking to him / running into him. Assessment can NOT be improved by using it, all other skills can.