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The temple of Henne is supposed to be located in a mountain pass south of Ligano. It actually shows up on my map (the color one), but the pass goes further than it should and the temple is not there ; only a small empty clearing. I need to find the temple to complete a subquest. Any suggestions?
I have the same problem--assuming I'm in the correct mountain pass. Sometimes it's just a normal empty clearing, sometimes it puts me in a weird meadow-like environment with a chasm running along the sides.

I don't know how to fix it. Wish I did.
Same problem here, i just hit this bug too.
I did some googling and it seems this doesnot happend in DE version of game.
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Apparently, the temple is crucial to the Farmer Brunia sub-quest. Without a blessing you can't enter his field. I would love to see a solution to this problem so it can be completed.
Had the same problem too
And me.
Has GoG support been notified of this, as it seems to be a rather common bug?
I have the same problem.

@HOBRging: The german version of BiA does have this problem. (I did own it ;-).

Hope someone finds a workaround. (he other henna temple in the game in not populated so that does not solve it)
Just chiming in as another with the problem.

It appears that the entire map square where the temple should be gets loaded by an incorrect but similar tile. When you look at that map tile, you'll see an indentation on the left of the map, which is a field that can be reached by the road between Linago and Sortiga. If you attempt to wander back into that field from the road, when you cross the map boundary into the same square that should have the temple, you find yourself in a giant open field with way too many trees.
Same problemn here :(
I turned in a support question on this, but it wouldn't hurt for everyone who is experiencing it to do the same, so it bubbles higher in their fixit list.
Im having the same problem, why are they still selling this game? i cant believe they havent fixed this yet. look how old these posts are.
runce: Im having the same problem, why are they still selling this game? i cant believe they havent fixed this yet. look how old these posts are.
Agree. I reported this error to support some time ago, no reply received. Would be nice to atleast get som feedback whether they are looking into this.
I created a support ticket for this as well, would really like to see it resolved, half the reason for playing the game is all the subquests in my opinion, and this one takes out two different subquests (Farmer Brunia and the wedding problems quest).
I remember this being a problem when I purchased the game back in 97 or 98. I seem to remember that Sierra released a patch and I was able to actually complete the quest at one point.

Now that I think about it, there was another quest a few chapters later that was glitched as well. One with a character named Naomi and her brother's garden. If you play to that point, you should probably skip that one. Unless you have the patch it will crash your game.

Edit: With a little bit of research, I was able to find the patch to update from ver to ver 1.1.0, but when I run it I get a file mismatch error.

I just joined GoG, so I don't know--Is there a reason it won't update? Shouldn't this be the type of thing they normally take care of so I don't have to mess with a slew issues and patches?

Edit #2: I just looked at another thread here:

At the bottom a blue man says they are working on putting up the patched version asap. Guess we all just need to wait a bit longer.
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I'm running into the same problem. I can't reach the temple either