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[EDIT: This issue has been resolved! Presumably by a wave of Kitty's magic wand, who was very helpful when I requested tech support (thank you). The problem may have been related to initially installing the offline version of the game, so if you want to use the online features be sure to install through Galaxy exclusively.]

Despite running Matchmaker (version 1.17.1d with the Deluxe DLC installed) through Galaxy, I am unable to "Login to Galaxy" within the game, which is a requirement for exporting characters and the "Employee of the Week" competition.

Pushing the in-game login button does nothing.

I have tried installing the game both from the offline installers and through Galaxy (same results).

Perhaps I am missing something obvious, and if not this is not a huge deal. I was mainly curious if anyone else is having the same issue? Thanks!
Post edited July 19, 2021 by zakmckracken