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You can replace all the patched files with the originals by extracting this ZIP file:

OR you can give us a couple of hours until we upload the new installer (with the older version). Sorry it took so long, but making this happen was more complicated than it appears. ;)
klaymen: Does it mean that the game is rolling back to the patch build Lexor mentioned?
Lexor: [...]
KBScanner can decompile saves to editable format and KBDB can then compile neccesary file back. But actually, KB DB alone is enough.

to get your saves back from GOG older build:
(always make a backup beforehand)

- open your .sav file as an archive (with 7-Zip ,etc.)
- extract saveinfo file
- run KBDB, decompile the file you just extracted, save as saveinfo.txt
- open it with Notepad, change the line:
{session} = {base/} to {session} = {base}
- save the file, run KBDB again, compile edited .txt back to saveinfo (no extension)
- open .sav file again, overwrite the file with new one

The game should now recognize your save.
I'd love to hear if there are any problems, though.
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Lexor: I'm glad you said that.[...]
I referred specifically to the saves issue and and if the workaround causes any problems during gameplay. The rest - I'm still lvl1, sorry ;)