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Okay so I bought the game, it wouldn't run on my Win 7 machine without crashing instantly. I followed the instructions for the Nhancer program which I found here...

Now I can get the game to load the main menu and I can go to start a new game. When I do that, the game exits and tells me I need to insert the original disc to play. Well... I don't have an original disc, I bought the game on GOG. What do I do now? I'd really like to play the game I paid for.

Between this, Blood 2 and Interstate 76, I'm not too happy with GOG. It would appear that anything which isn't pure DOSBOX emulation is just a crapshoot whether or not the product you paid for will function even slightly as advertised.
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I always tell people to make sure they run as admin. Half of the time it works.
That was one of the first things I tried, it didn't seem to make a difference at all. I ended up getting a crack off of some sketchy random warez site, hopefully my computer doesn't explode now or start spewing viruses everywhere. The game runs now and I remembered how badly I suck at games. :P
Are you running the game from the start menu shortcut or desktop shortcut?