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Probably the beginning where they say "fuck" all the time. It was hilarious.
EDIT: Oh an the fact that the game had visible damage to the bodies of enemies after you shoot them with you pistol or whatever gun you're using. The ability to buy your weapons was also a nice touch. The NPC:s behaved very lifelike for the time which was veery cool and the level design felt realistic.
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Sure this game does lot of swearing it hilarious. All weapons are cool. Flamethrower felt great. Play a lot in DM. I do have original CD also bought GOG version never touch though.
The fact that it was Quake 2 in the ghetto basically. I am a sucker for games that take place in a gritty city whether it would be a ghetto or a big city that has been taken over by crime or some sort of evil force. This game is no exception to that rule, plus I love the over-the-top swearing which gives me a good laugh at times.
I love shooting a rat and it turns into a giant bouncing chunk of meat
The music, i started to hear Cypress Hill because this game.