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Hi everyone. I bought this game about 3-4 days ago. Everything was fine for 1-2 days but now when i clicked to kingpin it returned to default settings(video, keybord etc.) and when i enter to load game cant see my save games. But i can see them in save game directory. I'm using w7 sp1 and i tried every compatibility mode. I reinstalled the game but no changes. So please help... Thank you.
That's weird. The only thing i can imagine is that you didn't uninstall it completely, so that some old configuration files or maybe registry entries still exist. So you may try the following:

1.) Keep your savegame files and uninstall Kingpin. If there are still files remaining in your installation directory, delete them manually.

2.) Check out the registry. If there are any Kingpin related entries, delete them manually.

3.) Reinstall Kingpin. Just in case you may consider to install it in a different directory than before. Start and configure the game the way you like it (controls, resolution, details...).

4.) Copy your savegame files back to where they belong. Can you load them now?