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Here are some of tested and suggested mods for Kingpin. If you have more that you'd like to share here is the exact place.
Note. It is better to test each mod with gog installer first before you add new one to this topic.
1. Capture the Bag (multiplayer)
Kingpin's idea for a CTF mod with a few changes to weapons. Each team has got 500 bucks in their safe. Each time the enemy uses your safe, they take one of your Ben Franklins and will try to get it back to their base. I bet you figured out the rest.;4269;/fileinfo.html
2. Last Man Standing (multiplayer)
A mod implementing Last Man Standing rules we all know and love. You start with a few points, if you die you lose one and must wait until there's only one player left. If you go down to zero points you get dropped to spectator and fail. 'Nuff said.;13530;/fileinfo.html
3. Godfather 1.6 (multiplayer)
You start out as a raw recruit and go up the ranks as you gain experience by killing others. Higher ranks give you more health and better guns after respawn.;16131;/fileinfo.html
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Is someone still playing these mods?
Thanks, somebody
I have never played Kingpin MP. Will have to try these out if I can find anyone to play online with.
Hey, check this mod out to all Kingpin fans. It follows up on the story and finishes it. Considering this the unofficial expansion pack.
Really well done. One of my favorite mods (out of 2 :P)
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I can't wait to start this bad boy up. I loved this game, I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since its release. I'll be looking to hit up some MP action. I remember this game was very brutal and had pretty fun MP for its time.
Ole Bayern Ole
Look here
Begemot: Hey, check this mod out to all Kingpin fans. It follows up on the story and finishes it. Considering this the unofficial expansion pack.
Really well done. One of my favorite mods (out of 2 :P)

I played that mod long time ago, nearly forgotten it. Thanks for reminding me, I'll play it again :)
I prefer playing Bagman or Deathmatch modes, because theres still players playing it.
and what most people dont know is kingpin has coop
Coop mod server is hosted by Freds and it doesnt require mmclient.
I am interested if the Linux installer is compatible with this version.
There is the original ported by Ryan 'ridah' Feltrin from Xatrix: , and repackaged versions by ravage: [url=] or LIfLG: [url=][/url] but they state that the CD-ROM is required.
Anyone tried this?
Kingpin keeps crashing at the same point in the game. Can anyone help me out plz. In the steelmill when you have to shoot the barrells to make the platform drop for access, as soon as the platform hits the floor i get the error msg " Kingpin .exe has encoutered a problem and needs to close"
Hi everyone,

Just updating this post with current information as of September 2018

To see a list of all current Kingpin servers check out [M]s Kingpin Servr List page :-

There are many, many mods available for Kingpin (including Capture the Flag, GunRace, a CS style mod called CRASH Squad, Hitmen, Catch the Chicken etc, etc).
We have just about all of the mods released so far in our Mods download section at :-

Mr damage
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I'm actually running the Kingpin Co-op mod. It makes the kingpin storyline available for cooperative play with up to 4 people at once. It's very well done and runs perfectly.
I'm running a server on hamachi with this, if anyone wants to play. The Hamachi server name is:
Kingpin coop
password: abcd
once you join the hamachi server, just go ahead and start up kingpin and look for us under gangbang
So if I were to grab Kingpin now, what mods do I look out for, besides co-op and Final Crime? seems to be listing the mods all over the place, making it hard to find what's hot and what's not. I'm not very interested in deathmatch or a CS clone; I don't mind a good multiplayer mod like co-op, or something interesting that still has a healthy community to play with; alternatively, I also like singleplayer mods, and I found this mod on Kingpinforever called Reprisal, that sounds pretty cool.
So, anything else to recommend?