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Just like it says on the tin, I just installed Catalyst 10.6, and now Quake II it's expansions, and Kingpin are crashing at startup. They were running just fine before.
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Theres been a problem sinse 10.5 as well I think, roll the drivers back to 10.4 and hope they fix it in the next patch.
there's no ATI analogue for nHancer?
I dunno if AtiTrayTools does the same sort of thing, I haven't used an ati card in a long time.
Well then why are you giving advice on an ATI card?
predcon: Well then why are you giving advice on an ATI card?

I didn't realise that is a prerequisite for keeping up on tech info or offering my help.
It's like a mac user giving out PC advice, though. Anyway, I installed ATITrayTools, and there aren't any "extension limit" settings.
Cleaning out 10.6 and installing 10.4 again fixed it. I'll bet it has something to do with the fact that 10.5 an 10.6 were focused on video playback, though I don't know how that affects OpenGL games.
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Someone on the forum of Steam found a .dll file which solved the problem for me for Kingpin (as well as Quake II, and the laggy gameplay and cutscenes in American McGee's Alice), try this link :
and put the file where your .exe files are located.
It may work with other games based on the Quake 2 engine.
this is not useful if you use older drivers like 10.4, as previously said.
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Hey, thanks for that file, it worked first time! :)
(although it's always running in windowed mode, even if I select Yes to fullscreen). No matter, working is better than not at all!
Thanks a bunch, Darucas, it fixed the problem for me too :)

Also, to reply to GamerGuides, I found that any resolution above 1024x768 made the game go into windowed mode. If you stay at 1024x768 and under, it stays in fullscreen.