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Me Personliy I like to cheat in these type of video game to all the guns, all ammo and end less health
I found cheats codes
but I don't know how to put them in
can somebody help me?
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Edit the file AUTOEXEC.CFG (found in Kingpin's "Main" directory) and add the following line:
set developer 1
You may now enter the following codes by pressing the single quote (`) key while playing and typing the desired code in the console window.
* immortal -- immortality
* give all -- all weapons, ammo and health
* give weapons -- all weapons
* give health -- full health
* give cash -- 100 Dollars
* give armor -- full armor
* noclip -- walk through walls
* give (item) -- special item
* give (weapon) -- weapon
Hopefully that should work.
Cheats do work, but I dont use them a lot.
Note to self: Yes, I sucked hard at Quake.
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Thanks Ralackk, the console works perfectly now. I've played through Kingpin enough times without codes to have earned to right to play with them. Theres nothing like starting a new game, doing the give all cheat and then flamethrowering/shotguning/tommy guning etc. in Skid Row. Priceless.