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I decided to play a bit of Kingpin but my resolution (1920x1080) wasn't supported by the ingame menu. Using the instructions from the other thread i figured out where the resolution is coded in the game's executable. Instead of hardcoding them myself (and because i might want to play using another resolution at some point in the future) i decided to write a small utility that patches the game's executable without a need for a hex editor, etc.

You can download the utility from here (35kb - ) ([url=!1309&authkey=!AFKlcQD6LMScqIY&ithint=file%2c.exe]mirror). Just use the "..." button to locate your kingpin.exe file, put the desired resolution in the two boxes below and press Patch. Then from within the game select the 1600x1200 resolution (instead of 1600x1200 the game will use the resolution you specified).

For details on the method see this thread. It is basically the same, except that by using this patch you don't need to fiddle with a hex editor :-).

EDIT: well now that i think about it, it isn't only a widescreen patch but you can use other resolutions too :-P

EDIT2: i saw that Vagabond's 1st mirror deleted the file from all the servers. So again just in case i added it to my Mediafire account. The URL above still works, but i've added way too much stuff in there and it might be temporarily disabled due to outgoing bandwidth at some points.

EDIT3: pff, dropbox disabled outgoing URLs from my account. I replaced the main link with the Mediafire one and added a mirror in OneDrive.
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Man, you are wonderful!!! Thank you so much!
Fantastic! I've mirrored it just in case.

Re-uploaded on August 7, 2014.

Re-re-uploaded on July 12, 2015.
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I've just bought the game and will definitely use this when I install it, thanks! I take it this patch works with Windows 7 x64?
the_voivod: I've just bought the game and will definitely use this when I install it, thanks! I take it this patch works with Windows 7 x64?
Yep. Works fine.
Hi, is this the good kind of widescreen, i.e. is it hor+? Thanks. :)
blsessex: Hi, is this the good kind of widescreen, i.e. is it hor+? Thanks. :)
Unfortunately, I think it is "Ver-". However, it looks ok (probably the game had a big FOV by default so it doesn't look as "narrowsighted" as other Ver- games). The only issue i noticed was that in cutscenes the camera target is a bit off.
I've updated my mirrors! Check my initial post in this thread.
Hey good job mate.. I saw the other thread too but didn't want to get my hands dirty and searched for a patch and here it is! Well done :)

You should submit this to the widescreengamingforum
hello, i have an absolutely preposterous proposal for allowing expanded FOV in Kingpin.

1. Q2 source is available. Years ago, I modified the Q2 source to make an *.exe that didn't cause the gun to disappear at FOV>90. It expanded this value to FOV>179, I think.
2. There are hex editors that compare two files and identify the differences.
3. If someone could compare my quake2.exe with an unmodified quake.exe compiled directly from the source, they could probably find hex data that needs to be changed to allow FOV>90. (Of course, if anyone has the time to compile the source themselves, they might as well make their own modified exe.)
4. After identifying this data in the quake2.exe, it should be easy to find it in the kingpin file as well.

A note if you're going to try this--be sure to use visual c++ 6.0 to compile. Newer versions won't work. Also, be sure to compare to a freshly-compiled exe, because the source actually contains changes that were never released in a patch.

The reasons I'm not doing this myself are that Visual C++ 6.0 won't run under Windows 7 and that I don't even own Kingpin.
The patch worked when I used the exe the gog installer places on the desktop, but when I select the resolution of my screen, its so zoomed in that I only see like 1 tenth of the screen and I can't even read any of the stuff written on the menu. :(
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Causes SecuRom to have a hissy fit on the GameFly Unlimited PC Play version.
There is another widescreen patch for KP by Captain Death that works for all versions of Kingpin except the Steam version.
It also includes some other fixes and tweaks. Check the link below for a complete list of what the patch does.

There is also another patch made by Monkey Harris that includes custom screen resolutions plus heaps of other tweaks and fixes.

The Monkey Harris patch works for all versions of Kingpin.

More details and download from here:-
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MrDamage: There is another widescreen patch for KP that works for the gog and steam versions of KP.
For the gog version it also includes some other fixes as well. Just check the readme.
I have checked this patch on
Seven (of 50) antivirus engines detected or at least suspected a virus.
Doesn't work. Also broke my game. Kingpin failed to start (error code 51)