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I feel like a moron posting this and probably the answer is obvious, but I can't find any answers! I JUST got this game. Downloaded it, opened it. I start a new city. And when I do, I have NO resources. No wood, no stone, no money...NOTHING. So I can't build a single thing. I just sit there and stare. I watched a tutorial of the game, and when THAT person did it, they started with resources so they could build right away. What am I missing here? Because otherwise, what a waste of $10. Here's a screenshot when I first start a new land on the easiest level.
nomoney.jpg (188 Kb)
Check under the "Castle" tab, you should be able to build a keep. This defines the start of your settlement and has to be built first. After that, you should have a small amount of resources to get you started.
Post edited July 28, 2017 by CX