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I love Kingdoms & Castles and recently purchased the game on GoG. Previously I had only played it on Steam, however I like the GoG platform, and want to support DRM free games! Unfortunately I discovered that the GoG version of the game seems to default to running in Development Build. I didn't initially notice this, and when I did, I hoped it should be safe to continue playing in this mode. Sadly I eventually experienced game breaking bugs. I really just want to play on the official public (stable) release.

Is there any way to turn off Development Build? I've looked through the in-game settings and GoG Galaxy settings but I didn't see anything about turning on or off Beta/Development Build. The only thing I saw in GoG Galaxy was the Auto-updates checkbox, but that is likely used to install major releases, and not run Beta/Development code. Edit: There is a "Beta Channels" option for the game in GoG Galaxy, but that is set to OFF.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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I haven't played this game the past months but when Beta channel isn't selected it should just install the public version as far as I'm aware.
If you switch to the beta and let it install and then revet it, does that fix it?
Did some fiddling with it, cuz I was experiencing a similar issue. For some reason, the beta channel for Kingdoms and Castles is actually the live channel, and visa versa.