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Never , ever , heard of this game - someone enlighten me as to how good it is please!!
This is all I've found. Apparently, CDProjekt is running out of good games to put up for sale on GOG, so they're putting up whatever they can find in IPLY's catalog.
Just wait till you see the fairies :)
Robbeasy: Never , ever , heard of this game - someone enlighten me as to how good it is please!!

I played to the demo when I was younger, this game is a lot of fun. This is kind of a interactive cartoon.
I can't wait to play
Hey, I vaguely remember this from some demo! I think it was non-interactive, though, or otherwise broken, I only vaguely recall some of the stuff shown on screenshots, like the map. GoG, thanks for reminding me of it and I look forward to actually finding out, what it's actuallt about ;)
I really like cheesy old animated games like Dragon's Lair, so consider me interested.
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This was one I wanted to check out back when it was originally released, given my interest in traditional animation (especially the early-80s style appearing in a title from the mid-90s), but I never got around to it.
(as an aside, I think it's sad how animation over the past decade or so is going strongly towards 3D CGI rendering... I *do like cels and such.)
Oh! I remember this game! I have the Mac version. "Interactive cartoon" is right, and I remember it being pretty fun, at least when I was a kid. The version I had was missing a file which made it impossible to beat :-(
I think they even made a DVD version of it, with higher resolution graphics... I wonder which version we will get... :)
[EDIT] I just noticed on the "Coming Soon" page that we'll get the 258.6 MB version. So no DVD then ;)
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I have the 3DO version. Reminds me of the Zelda games for the CD-I.
exo: I have the 3DO version. Reminds me of the Zelda games for the CD-I.

That bad, huh?
Honestly..for six bucks it is worth checking out. Not all games are to everyone's taste i am sure ;)
I've got this at home, somewhere. Now I'll admit it's been some years since I've played it, but I remember finding it frankly excruciating to play simply due to the extraordinary number of ways you can die without warning. When you go to the map for the first time to choose your destination, keep in mind that at least two of those destinations will kill you simply for visiting them, without any warning, chance for evasion or advanced information whatsoever. Bam. Dead.
If you can get past that, or if that's fun to you, there may be a good semi-interactive cartoon in there, but I never could. All nostalgia aside, it's less fun than Dragon's Lair - at least dying in Dragon's Lair was funny.
Hmm...well, I'll just say, it's nice to see some classic adventure games like this, and I really hope there will be more. *cough*lucasarts*cough*
Downloading it now. I played a lot of Dragon's Lair arcade while doing laundry in college. This was before PC gaming. If this can take me back to those good old days, even for just a short while, then it's definitely worth the 6 bucks.
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