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arisel: Just wait till you see the fairies :)

Doh! So not what I was hoping to see :D
(unless there are some others than in the fairy circle)
During the 80's, when Dragon's Lair ruled the coin-op world, Rick Dyer, creator of the Dragon's Lair concept (Don Bluth's team were approached to Animate), thought he would be able to cash in on the home market and created the Halcyon Console strictly for Laser Games. As a introductory game, 'Thayer's Quest' was created to cater to the family audience by removing the timing element of games like Dragon's Lair. The console was insanely overpriced, and while Thayer's Quest was animated to inspire the Dragon's Lair concept, the animation was Saturday morning cartoon quality at best. Needless to say, the console flopped and never saw the light of day. Although a sampling of arcade conversions were distributed, it was too late to cash in on the laser craze that Dragon's Lair had started. To recoup some of the cash, Thayer's Quest was cut down and sold as 'Kingdom: The Far Reaches' with the sequel 'Kingdom: Shadoan' coming later.
Thayer's Quest Wiki
[url=]Halcyon Console Wiki[/url]
KLOW's Thayer's Quest Page
History of Laserdisc Games
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So according to that wiki page, this game is actually incomplete and needs the sequel Shadoan to see the ending.
The far reaches has an ending proper, but Shadoan finishes off the story.
I remember playing this game on my FZ-10 3DO. i actually saved up my cash just to purchase the game after reading bout it on Gamepro. It was a nice FMV point and click adventure.Great OST (but the dialogues are a bit cheesy but hey it was Great fun back then!)
im a fan of point and click adventure.. i wonder if GoG will ever feature Full Throttle (Lucas games) or maybe the Broken Swords series.
- Erwan Faisha
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Well we enjoyed the game and wrote both a and a [url=]Walkthrough for Kingdom: The Far Reaches, Book 1. As our review says it is a fun family game. My grandson and I had a great time playing it together. For less than the cost of a movie you'll get quite a few enjoyable hours of playing time.
Have Fun!
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man everyone said this game was going to be great in this post! i myself thought it was great too, but just about everyone hates this game! i guess the people who thought the game was awful stayed away from the forums!