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Using my ASUS ROG PG278Q with enabled G-SYNC the FPS always drop below anything bearable during cutscenes - to a point where even the audio gets completely out of sync - but gladly I already found a solution on the webs:

Figured I'd share this, since if someone else did before me, I would have seen it here and could've spared the time to endure these cutscenes until I finally laid my hands on the first Savior Schnapps and could do the save, exit & repair.

Plus maybe the devs take a peek at this forum after the "second release"? Given that it's a pretty simple fix, they might even implement it.
thanks for this info vertex.

Going to start my first play through soon with some cosmetic only mods and i have gsync with an older 980 so i hope this tweak helps.
Cool, this is what I was hoping for. Thanks for the feedback :-)

Btw: I've not had a single FPS drop since.

When you're going for cosmetic I can recommend turning off the Depth of Field, which makes conversations kinda awkward by rough-cutting and blurring-out the character between the focal distance and camera position. In addition I think being able to see the environment when talking to people feels way better than some fake-camera-mushiness. If you agree with my preference regarding post-processing you may find the steps here:

My version of 7zip could not modify the .pak file directly - but using simple zip algorythm to repackage everything and replace the file worked out just fine for me.
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