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Issue: You are to grab that guild signet and bring it to the vagabond - only the vagabond won't take it, because he's kinda indisposed. Before 1.3 he just didn't talk to you and you were left with that stolen signet in your inventory like forever.

Supposedly this bug was fixed in 1.3 and the vagabond now tells you something like "Well, err, I can't take that - try to sell it to one of the millers..." and the quest is completed.

So far so good - only that this is a darn quest item that you just can't sell or drop or move to your chest and I don't find any miller where it would be a dialog option to get rid of the signet.

Consequence: you have this stolen item on you and you'll always be marked suspicious by the guards when they search you, because you are carrying stolen goods. But since it's a quest item, they won't take it from you as they claim they do!

So my question: is there...
[*] a console command to delete items from your inventory?
[*] a console command to remove the stolen flag from an inventory item?
[*] a savegame editor or edit guide to delete that item or the flag?

I once found a mod that would remove _all_ stolen items using some console command - but I just can't find it anymore. Plus it didn't specify if this would apply to items in my treasure chest too. But if someone knows the mod, please point me into its direction. Tyalot!

If WHS guys read this: please just let us put quest items into our chest - my inventory is flooded with this old crap and it would solve this issue too :(
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I have the same thing going on with the key to the arms chest from way back near the start when you have to get a uniform and sneak out of Talmberg. Dear ol' Hal seems really sentimentally attached to that key even though he knows the chest it opens is now empty lol

Still broken it seems :(

Still broken, or has anyone found a way to dispose of it? :(