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So there's this green shield on the crosshair and when I press block at the right time, Henry will redirect the opponent's blow away from himself. This works pretty nicely for me, so I guess my reaction times are somewhat ok-ish.

Now on topic: as I understand it, dodging should work the same way - just that I'd press [A], [S] or [D] to dodge a blow in the left/back/right direction - right?

Tho whatever I do - no matter how often I try - Henry just stands there like a deer in headlights taking all the blows in, while the green shield comes on and off.

I tried to swiftly tab just the direction keys... I tried to tap and hold them... I tried to mash them like the UT-Kid... but to no avail. Henry just won't dodge when there's a green shield on the strike target symbol.

However - I manage to dodge on what seems like "random chance" when I press a direction key while there is no shield indicator, no indication that the opponent is going to strike and I didn't even intend to dodge, but just wanted to go somewhere.

I guess I missed something during the tutorial - or I'm completely mistaken about what key to press when? Do I need to combine sprint+direction or jump+direction? I'm in training session on short sword with Bernard and a bit out of ideas right now...

Maybe I just need a higher stats? At Main Level 7 I have
7 Strength
5 Agility
5 Sword
3 Defence
4 Warfare

Would you guys elaborate on your experience about what seems to work? Right now dodging feels like Gorn laughs his arse off at my expense ;D
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I actually missed the exact prompt during the first tutorial with Bernard but using direction+right mouse button seemed to work, so I didn't check, but that should be it.