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on occaison, my character gets stuck in door thresholds. for instance, I cannot leave the executioners home after persudading ihm to see the miller and when I steal his "dead man's Ring" I am unable to exit his door. this also happened in getting the shovel to bury my parents, there was a door near a ruined house and my character was stuck in it.
this is DEFINITELY a bug!
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neosapian: this is DEFINITELY a bug!
Indeed, it's a known issue... hopefully one that might see a fix in 1.4

In the meantime, try getting into the doorway, then turning your back toward the exit. Look down, pull up inventory, and drop something you won't miss (since it may or may not be pick-able from outside the door). It should get you through.

Not the most elegant of a solution, but saved my progress when I got stuck in the Executioner's hut as well.