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I have a win7 VM for running some older games. Unpatched, just installed from an old ISO image I had around.
I'm doing this on a laptop and win10 performance not feasible. So the game window opens and closes after a couple seconds. The game is installed via gog galaxy. Is there a fix for this?
Running the stand alone installer for 1.0.5 version also crashes on Windows 7 for me (native OS, not VM). Under XP that same version worked fine.


Ok got it working. It seems my Win7 system needed a few C++ redistribute-ables that were missing.

I got around that by first installing the 1.0.5 version, this installed a bunch of the C++ stuff, then i uninstalled that version and re-installed the original PC version (non mobile remake version).

The game then ran fine in Win7.
Post edited March 18, 2020 by ThorChild