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ktchong: I may have been the one who contacted HeroCraft and asked them to make a King of Dragon Pass for Android.
If it was you, thanks!
I would recommend a new Android emulator called Andy for people who are trying to get the game to run on PC.

I was successful, but the Android port of the iOs game is kinda lazy. Many screens look much worse, control elements like buttons and checkboxes are all over the place. At least they seemed to have fixed the clan ring reorganization screen, it was maddeningly buggy.

Overall, I am happy I can play the game, but disappointed about the quality of the port.
I posted it in other thread and thought it might be useful for someone:
I already own GOG version but I found it impossible to play on PC due to reading walls of text in a same computer-ish pose as I do at work, so I bought Android version today.

I own Google Nexus 7 2014, Android v4.4.4 up-to-date, kernel 3.4.0-g03485a6.
The game fits very well on the screen; all of text is easily readable and even clicking on smaller object is responsive to my surprise as screenshots on Google Play are kind of blurry.

I played only beginning, so I can't comment on its stability during longer sessions or further sections. From what I have seen, it is solid.
It asks you to download extra 270 MB when you open the game for the first time.
Music plays without any problems.
There is always help in a corner that is possible to click once to minimize/open.
When you close or kill the game, it will reload your last screen after you click on the app again.

My overall impression is very good so far.

PS. I don't regret buying it on GOG because I hadn't even known about the game until it appeared here.
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I'd pay $10 for it but after months out for android it's STILL "incompatible" by herocraft for my nvidia shield tablet. C'mon, this is a pretty vanilla version of android, it's a gamer's tablet with few mods, it's not a samsung or htc for crying out loud.
Just bumping to note that it's part of the new Humble Mobile Bundle 10 BTA tier, currently running around $4.