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Patch 1.2 Mac update (added 13 March 2017):

- Mac version of patch 1.2 added
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Changelog for patch 1.22 / GOG-32 (Windows) / 1.22 (Mac) (added 23 March 2017):

- Kim is 1 year younger when the game begins and playthroughs now last 1365 days instead of 1000 days, they still end when Kim turns 18. If you're in the middle of a playthrough when you receive this update, you will get an extra 365 days as Kim will become a year younger.

Bug Fixes

- Country stables will always take you to the destination you select with the slider
- The end game replay will play at the end of all permadeath playthroughs
- Policemen generation will include all available weapons
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Changelog for Patch / (Windows and Mac) (added 01 June 2017):

- Achievements always unlock correctly
- No longer possible to get stuck in Bikaner
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.1/ for macOS (added 04 July 2017):

New Stuff
- The map of India begins as uncharted territory and you discover it as you travel; revealed areas remain revealed in future playthroughs
- When Kim reads one of the nine books, which you can find around India, the animation will show excerpts from this book
- The travel line has been updated so it doesn’t need to be redrawn when you first open the map after loading a save game and, when you take the train, it appear closer to the railways shown on the map

- Buying or finding the Map of the NW Frontier will reveal Afghanistan and nearby levels instead of only Afghanistan
- It is much rarer for a policeman to not be carrying some kind of weapon
- The end game replay will play out at a faster speed if it is going to take a long time to display
- Scrolling backwards and forwards through past scores now works more intuitively
- Some tent assets used in campsites and serais have been polished
- The end game sequence when you finish a permadeath playthrough has been updated to be smoother and more similar to when Kim turns 18
- Trees’ view cone colliders have been updated to better match pathfinding colliders

Bug Fixes
- The travel line will always update correctly when changing aspect ratio
- Scores that exceed the highest value in their results screen chart now display correctly
- The dots on the travel line now display correctly during the end game replay
- Fixed occasional crash when game was quitting
- The music track will no longer occasionally stop abruptly
- Achievements will always unlock at the correct time
- Conversations will be hidden before the end game sequence begins
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Changelog for Patch (added 25 August 2017):

- Minor bug fixes.
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Changelog for Patch 1.4.1 / GOG-16749 (Windows) / GOG-16749 (Mac) (added 29 November 2017):

- It is now always possible to complete the surveying mission in Jeysalmir
- Minor tweak to conversation with Bobby Wicks when you give him medicine
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Changelog for Patch (added 02 February 2018):

- The visible programming labels in Allahabad have been removed
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-19005 (Windows) / GOG-19005 (Mac) (added 05 March 2018):

- Updated system for storing attack orders issued with the game paused
- New stun logic that preserves previous attack target irrespective of number of hits received
- Unified line of sight system applicable to both Kim and enemies to ensure that if they can hit you, you can hit them!
- Various minor tweaks and optimisations to combat