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So far I can write a .cfg myself or create a module manager patch myself. I can't make new models though.
But I have some ideas that don't work right out of the box.
My first question ofcouse is this already available, the second one how to get it working if not?
1 I want a moving attachment point to build a station with extendable arms(a station that opens like an umbrella), see picture 1
2 an air assisted rocket or a jet engine than both brings liquid and oxidizer with it, but uses the surrounding atmosphere to increase the reaction mass to achieve higher isp's.
3 an automatic lab, that is weaker and more expensive than a crewed lab but doesn't require scientists to operate.
so far everything works here but the science converter still asks for scientists to start
[code] MODULE
name = ModuleScienceLab
containerModuleIndex = 0
dataStorage = 750
crewsRequired = 0
canResetConnectedModules = True
canResetNearbyModules = True
interactionRange = 5
SurfaceBonus = 0.1
ContextBonus = 0.25
homeworldMultiplier = 0.1
name = ElectricCharge
amount = 12
name = ModuleScienceConverter
dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.25 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate
UseSpecialistBonus = false
scientistBonus = 0 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x
researchTime = 7 //Larger = slower. Exponential!
scienceMultiplier = 1 //How much science does data turn into?
scienceCap = 100 //How much science can we store before having to transmit?
powerRequirement = 6 //EC/Sec to research
ConverterName = #autoLOC_502055 //#autoLOC_502055 = Research
StartActionName = #autoLOC_502056 //#autoLOC_502056 = Start Research
StopActionName = #autoLOC_502057 //#autoLOC_502057 = Stop Research
4 a selfrepackingcute
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