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So i just bought the game and watched videos on early stages of research point farming.
My problem is that currently i have just 1 parshute i can use, and when i fly up and then go down, the speed is WAY too high and my parashute fails due to too high speed. it appears that is a new problem because on older youtube videos thay could use airbrake to drop the speed enough to open the parashute, for me the airbrake is really not enough and my parashute just brakes loose. Im looking for an up to date video on (really) early stages of the game, like the start, before even reaching space, with just the basic rocket equipment.

Or... at leaast i could use some tips on lowering my speed without a headshield (as i dont have it yet) on a single stage rocket
I'm guessing you figured it out by now, but there are a few things you can do. One is to spin around on your way down; that slows you down. You need to start the spin early and keep it going and depending on your angle may need to rock a bit before you can start spinning. Don't release the parachute and stop spinning until you are maybe 2km from the ground. Also, while you only start with the first tech you get science points for the next two and if you use the liquid fuel engine you can just not use all your fuel on the way up. Also, if you limit the output of the liquid fuel engine and don't go too high you won't even need to slow down. Some fairly easy land distance records give you science points IIRC. Personally, I rarely use the solid fuel engines at any point in the game.

Also, the biome thing is not explained well, or maybe it is and there is just too much to remember at first. I think you can get the heat shield (and drogue chute!) without ever going anywhere by doing science at the launch pad and if necessary also the runway (remember crew reports). Some missions can be done from the launchpad as well and give you science, so it is easy to get the first six tech. Each building/area at the space center is a biome both at ground level and at least sometimes another on the roof (over half the biomes on the planet are at KSC :/), although I'd recommend waiting until you have Aviation and Basic Science techs and can take surface samples (requires upgrading Astronaut Complex and R&D). Then you can roll over to each building and get a bunch of science without leaving the ground. There are also four additional biomes very close that you can get to on wheels if you want. Most science you can only do once per biome, but a few like goo and surface samples can be done two or three times for a much reduced amount of science. The archive section of R&D shows how much research you have from each biome that you have any research from.
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