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Hey everyone,

Squad have asked us to hold out on rolling the patch as they've encountered a few nasty bugs and are working through hotfixes. We're working with them and as soon as they provide a patch that they're happy with, we'll roll it out :).

Sorry for the inconvenience!
I quite honestly don't know :). - We weren't provided specifics as to what additional bugs they uncovered with 1.1.1, only that they're working on the issue and will update us as soon as they can
Lin545: Can I ask something?

I know this might be rediculous for GOG in regards to bandwith use or possibly operating costs, but it would be super awesome, if GOG would provide ability to get PREVIOUS stable release in addition to the current one.

For example, the people could be playing more stable (across all platforms, that is) 1.0.5 now, until 1.1 gets sorted out. Because those who purchased it now, can't revert to previous stable.

That would be super awesome of GOG.
We do :) - The Galaxy client supports rollback, Head to the game in your game shelf in Galaxy, select configure from the "More" menu, and provided you a game installed, select install updates to "Manually" - This'll allow you to revert to a previous version of the build.
1.1.2 is now live, Ladies and Gents, thanks for your patience :)