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So here is the thing. I started a small castle end of Royal Valley, towards the Ashlands. A place to go back to between the high end (I guess) area exploration. After a few confrontation with the southern hive and a major diplomatic fail my queen ended up knocking out their queen and putting her in the castles cage. A bit fast forward and a big army of south hivers + 4 war gorillos (I want one as a mount! :P) later, which nearly got their queen killed in the siege, I decided to bring her back to her city. That one now is fogmen territory (or was, my main killed most on the way the the Throne) and the queen just stand there in her Throneroom (without Throne); smacking down the occasional fogmen that get to close.

Will she retake the city over time? Should I drop her off to one of the outpost locations? I mean yeah, we had a rocky start but I did not planned to wipe out the whole south hive capitol. And even with her skills I fear if something else but the occasional singular fogmen (like an army of them) attacks her she might be done.
In case anyone cares: When dropped back to her throne room nothing much changes in the following ingame days (maybe about 2 weeks ingame). There will still be regular raids to the nearby player fortress (although no free the queen sized army) and lots of SH patrols. Their city will stay deserted/dead besides the occasional SH patrol being there and they will still occupy the Skin Thief territory when their leader gets ... uhm... lost.

But even though the patrols keep on referring to just present my guys to their king (and I stupid even fell for it the first time :P ) he was nowhere to be found when I scouted the (dead) city surroundings.