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I'm having an issue when making a new game and I don't know what to do to fix it. I have tried importing, uninstalling/reinstalling, and verifying. I spent 500+ hours playing on Steam before uninstalling and buying the GOG version, which has been a much smoother gaming experience up until a few days ago when these issues began.

I've been trying to do a solo-journey using The Wanderer start in Kenshi; when I die that playthrough ends and I begin again. Lately when I start a fresh play-through The Hub is in a state where most of the buildings are repaired, the gates are fixed and only sometimes act like they are solid objects, and I always see the same NPC characters( Barman, Bar Thug, Logan, Mercenaries, Molly, Ninja Guard, and Pacifier ) at almost the same positions. While an import will often times switch a few of these characters with others, the buildings will stay the same no matter what I have chosen to or not to import to a new save file after making a new character, saving the game, and then doing the import.

Does anybody have any experience with this situation? If so, how did you fix it?
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please visit the maoin forum and make a bug report
include the affected save folder.