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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 1 is out
Fixed rendering of some of the trap sprites.
Fixed issue with some creature not equipping bows.
Fixed crash caused by an inconsistency in construction debt following an invasion (?)
Fixed lag when a lot of prisoners are available for capture.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 2 is out
Temporarily disabled loading retired conquered dungeons, which was causing startup crashes if a corrupted dungeon file was present. The feature will be turned on again once I implement a proper fix.
Fixed a bug that caused farm animals to spawn hostile.
FIxed the lesser and main villain achievement being ticked off in some situations where the villain conquered the player, as well as when another tribe conquered the villain.
Fixed lag caused by processing new prisoners in the immigration UI.
Fixed lag caused by rendering farm animal enclosures (more optimization may still be needed).
Fixed a bug that disallowed travel due to a conflict between team members.
Fixed a few typos.

I'd like to thank everyone for submitting bug reports as well as your patience. I'll be releasing fixes every day now until the most common issues are fixed.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 3 is out
Fixed a rare crash when capturing prisoners or freeing captured minions.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 4 is out
All undead get the swimming skill.
Fixed a crash when a summoned spirit is killed and in the same turn the team returns to base.
Fixed a crash in the creature choice menu when using keys.
Fixed a crash in the polymorph spell.
Fixed a UI crash.
Fixed a crash in retiring a villain.
Fixed a modded spell crash.
Improved crash reporting in cases when dungeon retirement fails.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 5 is out
Again, big thanks to everyone for submitting bug reports! If you run into any trouble playing the game, please get in touch via the comment section, Discord, emailing me at or by submitting a bug report using the in-game button in the lower right corner of the window!

Fixed an endless equip-unequip loop by minions with more than two weapons, which caused the game to freeze.
Fixed a retirement crash due to dangling references to red dragon's fire wall furniture. This bug also caused crashes when the player was killed and the game tried to retire the villain dwelling in the player's base.
Made the workshop menu item upgrade button always visible and added an explanation that upgrades must be placed in storage before being added.
Changed task ordering so that priority tasks don't prevent minions from following the team leader in control mode.
Made walking into fire, water or other dangerous tiles possible when riding a steed (after accepting a warning).
Claiming a broken throne no longer increases population.
Fixed goblin artificer not being visible in the minion menu in the tutorial.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 6 is out
Squires will retain their special traits after getting promoted to a knight.
Luxury will affect minion training and workshop efficiency.
Retired dungeons will be saved to temporary files and copied after saving is successful to avoid the game crashing on corrupted files.
Luxury of reinforced walls is shown correctly.
Removed irrelevant damage modifier from mushrooms.
Added a tool-tip explaining locked keepers in the keeper menu.
Fixed the [x] button in the keeper choice menu.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 7 is out
Reduced game start-up time.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 8 is out
Furniture working efficiency multiplier (based on lighting and luxury) is shown in the map hint.
Fixed issue with some enemy team members getting stuck at the edge of the map after retreating from an attack.
Made the solo keeper achievement possible with the cyclops keeper. Existing cyclops games should trigger the achievement as well after returning to the home map.
Fixed floating point errors in quarters luxury calculation.
Added better diagnostics to some crash scenarios in order to gather more information on the bugs.
A crash in level generation will instead cause the game to retry generation.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 9 is out
Fixed crash when generating upper z-levels caused by too little space available to place resource patches.
Riders on blind steeds won't enter deep water and other dangerous tiles without a warning.
Fixed gargoyle traps not being hostile to endless wave enemies.
Optimized the workshops window in a case where the player has hundreds of upgrade items stashed.
Made iron ore more visible on the minimap.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 10 is out
Fix message boards contents not persisting after saving or retiring the game.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 11 is out
Fixed an issue with the demons enemy being unbeatable if their throne was destroyed. If this happened to you, you can beat this enemy if you return and kill the remaining demons in the throne room.
Fixed issue with AI not using same level portal connections after saving and loading the game.
Optimized AI pathfinding across z-levels.
Optimized updating collective line of sight of minions.
Fixed portal animation not displaying when teleporting to a different level.
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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 12 is out
Fixed a crash in the demons enemy introduced in the previous hotfix.
Fixed a crash in construction debt calculation caused by a giant spider minion building webs over the player's traps.
Fixed laggy messages history list.
Increased chance of starting a fire when throwing a torch at trees or other flammable objects.
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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 13 is out
The game won't show the upgrade button for workshop items that can't be upgraded.
General rendering and gameplay optimization thanks to Robin/Rob2309.
Fixed prison and pigsty rendering lag that was accidentally introduced during previous hot fixes.
Added support for Delete, Slash, Backslash, Semicolon, Page up and Page down keys in keybinding configuration, thanks to gnneo.
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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 14 is out
Added back the unlockable Adoxie adventurer, who was temporarily removed before the 1.0 launch.
Fixed issue with some villains being forever hidden behind fog of war on the world map. (This fix fix will apply to existing games after any, even a minor villain is conquered)
Fixed issue with bogus map selections when selection is interrupted by enemy attacking dialog.
Fixed crash when creating a retired dungeon from a conquered keeper.
Made it impossible to capture enemy during a duel.
Optimized memory usage and save file size for games with lots of items present.
Optimized rendering of building UI.
Optimized updating melted rock and magma tiles, which caused lag in dungeons with lots of Z-levels.
Optimized game loop when hundreds of minions are present.
Disallowed day-time travel with undead even if destination contains indoor tiles on the edge of the map.
Removed owl and bird sounds from cacti and other objects that aren't trees.
Fixed warning when walking into sunlight on a non-vulnerable steed.
Fixed warning when walking into fire on a vulnerable steed.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 15 is out
Fixed a furniture update frequency bug introduced in the previous patch.


KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 16 is out
Fixed crash caused by minion being killed while dismounting steed (such as falling into water while blind).
Fixed crash caused by a bad main villain number read from game settings.
Fixed crash caused by removing a creature's companion during site retirement.
Further fixed furniture tick frequencies.
Improved error message during a level generation crash to help modders debug their enemy definitions.
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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 17 is out
Mods are now sorted by the number of up votes.
Added two alternative stair types, custom modded stairs are now also supported.
Added scrollbars to the building menu pop-up, if the items won't fit on the screen.
Added ClaimTile effect for better support of custom starting structures in mods.
Fixed particle effects in the ascii mode.
Updated game credits.
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KeeperRL v1.0 hotfix 18 is out
Fixed an issue with stairs being unavailable in dwarves and necromancer keepers. If you have started a new game under hotfix 17, you'll have to restart to be able to build stairs. Sorry for that.