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For anyone wanting to play Journeyman Project 3 on a modern (Windows 10) machine and aren't seeing the menu item graphics, I'm attaching them here for your reference. Thought it would be nice, especially since the "About" graphic is actually pretty neat :)
I noticed recently that I have the issue on Windows 10 where the graphics are not showing. It doesn't show also the preview picture of your saves (it's a shame because it's very helpful to see the timezone you were when you made the save), and the graphic on the save game confirmation dialog is missing too if you choose to exit the game.

Interestingly enough, if you're playing on a Windows 7 machine all the graphics in the menus show up properly, but not on Windows 10, even if you set the compatibility mode to Windows 7. I am wondering what is missing in Windows 10 that breaks this, and if it's even possible to be fixed or not...