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My first problem was an awefull performance and graphics glitches everywhere. Definitely NOT playable. Then I tried this fix;

The GOG version does. Hit win+r to open the run dialog, and type %APPDATA%. That should open windows explorer. If there's not already a folder in there called GOG create one, and inside that create one called JourneymanProject3. Inside there create a file called 'config.ini', and into that type:

Thanks to timeslip!!

Hell of a performance! That one worked like charm. But there was another problem: The small windows was stucked to the left corner of my screen no matter what graphics-card/monitor settings I used. Some of the movies didn't play as well.

The solution: right click on the JP3 shortcut you use to launch the game. Go to properties and the compatibility tab. Select Windows XP SP3 if not already checked. Check "run at 640x480". This actually put your small window in the middle an enable fullscreen... somehow.

Now for the videos: Go to the ingame options menu and select for the video quality "line doubling".

That was it for me. Now I can finally enjoy this awesome game of my childhood. I hope this one helps if anyone have troubles making this game run smoothly.
Post edited November 16, 2014 by Filben