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This applies to both JJ2 & JJ2 CC on Windows 11.

I installed them both, open them via Galaxy, then am shown a little title bar graphic. That leads to full-screen blackness for about 5s, this changes to a lighter shade of blackness for another 5s, & then it simply closes back to the desktop. I tried to make it not full screen according to some info I found saying it works best when not full screened, but the black screen recognizes no input.

The jazz2.log file is updated every time I try this. It always says the below:

LOG: GRADE (Build 98-194W), Executable: E:\GOG Games\Jazz Jackrabbit 2\Jazz2.exe
LOG: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 version 1.24

WIN: Running Microsoft Windows NT version 6.2, Build 9200
CPU: Intel Pentium II processor found
CPU: Processor Vendor ID 'GenuineIntel', Family 6, Model 12, Stepping 2
CPU: Processor Features BFEBFBFF (FPU, MMX)
VID: Checking for available video modes
VID: DirectDraw v10.0.22000.1 found
VID: Video memory 139172Kb (1Kb Free), AGP memory 4063168Kb (4063168Kb Free)
VID: Direct3D found
NET: WinSock v2.2 "WinSock 2.0", Status: Running, Host: REDACTED
SND: Galaxy Music System v5.0a
SND: Detected DirectSound driver
---- Starting execution: invoke MainProg()

4 macro files found in current directory
Reading animation library

My first guess is this has something to do with the animation library since that seems to be the last point in the execution before failing. Maybe this has never been tested on Windows 11? Anybody have any solution?
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I'd suggest trying some of the command line options at , starting with -windowed , and seeing if any of them make things better.