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Hello, i'm having an issue where music and sounds doesnt play in my headphones but instead from my TV/Monitor.

I installed JJ2 by using Lutris, and i tried to use normal WINE instead, which did not fix the issue.
JJ2 also does not apper in my volume control in KDE (so impossible to adjust the volume of the game)

Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this ? Thanks !
I tried to install JJ2+ but it did no difference whatsoever.
Sometimes it plays on my headphones, sometimes not.
Post edited April 16, 2023 by sudolinux
How about a source port then? No need to fuss about with a cram stick of unwanted features.
Please do not spread misinformation. Jazz 2 Resurrection is not a source port, it's black box/reverse engineering. There are very few elements of the game it accurately recreates.