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Hi, I recently bought the game as I remember playing and loving it as a kid. I could only play with Jazz and Spaz back then, so when I saw Lori as a 3rd available character I wanted to try her out.

My problem is, on level 2 with those annoying dancing lizards, she can't grab and use the helicopter things to reach high places and to actually continue through the level. At some point there is a helicopter that keeps respawning in the same place because you need to use it to go up to some higher platform directly above you. Since she doesn't have a high jump ability I can't get past this part without using the helicopter but she never grabs on to it.

I want to be able to complete the game while playing Lori. Anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this issue? I have verified and repaired the game and it didn't fix anything. I tried playing with Jazz until that part and he can grab on to the helicopters without issues. I then tried with Lori again and she still can't do it, so it's not a corrupted save of the game that causes this, it's Lori.
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This is one of the many bugs that is fixed by applying the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus patch.