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Not sure if I read it right; but Jalopy has been released and the game development cycle has ended...but the game is exactly the same as before; nothing new added, same bugs still there; nothing different.

Maybe I work in a different software industry; but this is quite surprising. IF this is all that the game has to offer, why keep it in development state so long? And if this is not all that the game has to offer, what is the point in making it as official release?

Just curious; I did pay the game like 5 bucks; so I was not expecting anything revolutionary; but it has potential and if you leave it as is; it is kinda like a waste.

Feel free to share the source code and we can take over the game development; at no additional cost; if the dev team decided that what they released was "enough". I won't mind add more to the game, to be honest.
Releasing the source code would be dope. This game seems ripe for the mods