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Hi everyone !

I decided to play through JA2 again and downloaded the latest SCI build of 1.13 (on that page :, but there are so many new features in this mod that I'm a bit lost and confused, and I was wondering if there was any good source of information and explanations about it on the internet.

I did find this (, but it seems way outdated to me. I'd like something like that, but up-to-date. I do find bits and pieces by searching, but it ends up being kind of a mess. Does anyone know of a good website out there ?
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The small but very much alive JA2 1.13 community lives and works in The Bear's Pit.

That's a forum not a wiki, so it might seem a bit messy at first, but does include presentation posts and/or discussion on (at least most) features and more.
Well, that's indeed partly what I meant by messy. I did find the features section, which was helpful, but it's kind of a gamble to find a guide of some sort on their forum which isn't either a dead link or a vague outline of a future guide that ended up never being written. I also couldn't find a list of Hotkeys there, which might actually be the most important thing for me. I did find a pinned topic about it, but rather than a list it was a 5-page topic where members would give a few key bindings piece by piece, so I assume it's very incomplete and also potentially outdated. But I suppose that might be par for the course, seeing how the mod is still regularly updated and given new features twice a month. Then again, I forgot to check in the mod files themselves, might be a list of some sort there.

But thank you for your answer ! ^^
Yes, it not perfectly structured... and indeed suffers from endless fhreads sometimes.
But that's what we have I guess, that's where that thing is born and growing still.
Search the site...

Many recent features are in Flugente's Magika Workshop. Pay attention what revision the change is added to - the old "official" release is very old, outdated and generally not supported. Use the latest builds if you want the most recent.

If you want to use the "official" for some strange reason or forced to by sub-moods that require that exact version look for Experimental Project 7 by sevenfm it contains bug fixes for "official" and some features different from base 1.13 (latest version is somewhere near end of that endless thread).

Finally, it is indeed a forum, and alive.
I mean, you can in fact ask questions there and have nonzero chance to get answers.