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I only just ran across this thread almost by accident (only started playing JA1 recently, on a lark). If I have to be the one to say it, so be it, but...this story stinks.

Also it is beyond strange that the book is so hard to find (even with ISBN searches?!).

**Edit: By chance I ran across some more info for this book. Not sure if I missed it but it seems to me that no one in the thread has yet noted this info, so marking/editing here to include it, hopefully add some possible future value in finding this book later:

Published 1995
Author: Brenda Garno
ISBN: 0-926846-75-2

And, just to reiterate what I said before (of which I am even more sure of now), the whole story behind whatever happened with this book and with the copy sent to GOG, stinks to high heaven. As things were before, I'd have been inclined to give benefit of the doubt and assume that anything questionable in the affair, would not have been on GOG's side. I no longer feel that way.
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6 years baby lets get a new record here
While not exactly the same, but still having some connection: most info, contained in the book in question you could get from :

Some data not present in book, say enemies level, or crate's strengths are also included.

Well, actually this is to bump a thread one more, and check if any of the sacred book owners did some photos of each page; its just about a week's work (closer to 3 evenings).
Thanks a lot DarzaR! I've been waiting for an unofficial patch and sector details in form of a strategy guide for ages now. You're doing God's work here! Keep up the good work!
Shaewaros: Keep up the good work!
Not really sure that do you mean by that, actually. There eventually should be some small another patch release with one average and few minor bugfixes and thats all, unless something huge like armor bug will suddenly arise, tho its really unlikely.