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Well I just cleared C13 and when I went into the factory there is one person in the factory saying how mean doreen is, but she is not to be found anywhere?

I did a search and based on what I found I am in the right location and she should be here...could someone please give me a hint? :)
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There's some kind of a back room in the factory. She might be there.
I think I had 1 rare occassion once where she was at the crates outside the factory.
Another option is that you fought inside the factory and she ran off. She might return, wait a few minutes on the map.
Normally she should be the only adult in the factory.
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Well I went ahead and left the area to clear out the rest of the zone, will try returning in the day time see if she is there then! :)

Thanks for the reply.
Once I went back during the day she was there and completed that quest.

Thanks for the help.
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