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In Jagged Alliance Deadly Games, I decided to finish the main campaign of Sirtech and I would like to know the management of your team in this hard campaign, so I ask myself a few questions:

1) Starting Team

From the beginning Which mercs do you hire ? A team made up of weak mercs, or 'average' mercs (in relation to their level), in order to save for the best paid mercs, or directly from the first mission you hire the fairly expensive mercs like Ivan ?

After all,a team of weak mercs like: Sparky,Hurl and maybe a few more mercs can with luck, (miracle ? x) ) can manage to won the first mission,And thus make you earn so precious money in this campaign.

2) Management of wounded mercs (in return to base)

If one or more of mercs have received injuries, medium or severe how you manage them ?

I mean by that: do you hire a doctor to heal them or simply fire them ?

Let me explain: two of my mercs are seriously wounded and that as everyone can suspect, I will not risk to send them in their state in another mission, in addition to that in their state of health It will surprise me a lot that they are in an 'optimal' state of performance (if I can use that term)

I really do not want them to end up dead (and after having a very bad reputation In addition to passing for a commander who does not care about the welfare of his team)

And of course the fact of keeping them anyway in my team, costs me money., I'm not a commander too close to his money but we must face in facts,

With the meager capital that Gus gives us at the start (his motorhome must have lost its value ...) it is obvious that financial management makes almost no mistakes, be careful not I do not fill myself well On the contrary, it is what makes the beauty of the thing, win his pay by annihilating the enemy and then be able to pay the best mercenaries. :)

3) Expanding your team

After each mission won, do you hire a another merc ? if yes ,what merc(s) ? Imagine that our team emerges victorious from a mission, what do you do in this case? Do you hire another merc if you can afford it?

I ask myself the question because the missions quickly become rather arduous, I think especially to the mission where it is necessary to blow a bridge and that in the briefing Gus warns us that there are snipers (because of the missions' connected , If you have to recover the plans it is normally in this case of mission 4), for me this mission is simply a nightmare, my mercs quickly get hurt (even sometimes killed), even by hiding my men in the trees / Bushes, hence the importance of having the best men on the ground.

I ask myself, because having one or more mercs who can not participate in a mission is likely to run the risk of failing this mission (or worse, causing the death of all my team) and everything What follows from it subsequently, bad reputation, financial drought...

I doubt that the answers to these questions are far from obvious, it all depends on how you play, I want your opinions to improve me in my own management.

I thank you in advance.
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Note: I apologize in advance for the double post.

I will myself answer these questions, being given that by dint of repeating the missions in loop I have improved my knowledge on this campaign, and that it can help those who wish to try the adventure:

1) Starting Team

It is necessary to take a sniper like Buzz or Leech, being given that they are both exellent, they must also be escorted with mercs possessing at least a shooting score of at least 60, see About 70 to cover the main sniper, and give them a first aid kit.

In the first two missions, I sometimes take Pops as a sharpshooter dear and fairly effective, if you know the precise point where you have to place it in the mission.

2) Management of wounded mercs (in return to base)

In fact on a mission, I save a lot before each assault attempt, I start to know the sites where it is necessary to place oneself, to be on to touch the enemy, and if the latter is not dead or Brings back his buddies as reinforcements I make retreat my team.

So I rarely have wounded mercenaries, but if they are seriously affected, I think they should be looked after if they are good elements (merc with experience or sniper) or send them back to hire A better merc, but of course do not overdo the dismissal, because of your reputation to preserve.

3) Expanding your team

I have to admit that the answer is quite complicated, it depends of course on your budget, (assuming that you win each time) so I like to take a little more expensive mercs, that is to say at the beginning I take them to less than $ 1000 and afterwards I can afford to hire more expensive like Ice or Sam see Snake, although for Snake I find it takes too many action points to shoot, After that only engages my own opinion.

And voila, by dint of resuming this campaign,I could without bragging,to write a guide
To complete each of the first ten missions.

I wish good luck to anyone who wants to try this campaign. ;)