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I am finally close to the end of the game. Now I cannot call Tom, because there is no telephone book that can be picked up.
I reported that someone broke into the warehouse number 2. But Major Stewart stays in his office for good.
How can I finish he game!?!
It is getting frustrating. I checked many walkthroughs. There seems to be no solutiona at all.
Maybe someone might help me here.
Thanks for every usefull info!

I finally found out how to solve the problem.

While leaving warehouse number 2 in uniform I grabbed the tag. So I could go on with the game. But I needed the key of the cook to get all my things in the warehouse first. As I did not do that before, the phonebook was not in the shelf yet!
Maybe nobody thought of the fact, that a player could go on, get a pass and enter the offices without having reentered the warehouse first.