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Jack Keane 2,aka the sale combo breaker!
It's up to around 65 5-star reviews ... ALL BUT ONE in the last three hours while it's been clogging the sale. They're all like:

"My vision was bad, I had aches and pains, and my skin wasn't that great. Because of this game, I am not only free of all of those problems, but I have also grown beyond human limitations. Now I can float above the clouds and look beyond the beautiful horizon. All that was ugly is now so pretty, I can cry.
The game itself- it is indescribable. I simply have no words. I am lost when I think of it...."

...and heaven help us ...

"I was sucking on the barrel of a gun, weeping, when I came upon this gem of a game.
"One last game," I told myself, "one last moment of life before I pull the trigger."
What a moment of life that was. Jack King 2: The Fist Within rekindled my passion for life and gaming. I then sold my gun and used the new funds to buy copies for all of my family, and they liked the gift so much that they came to accept and love me regardless of my condition.
I give it 5/5 or 9/10, it is my personal game of the year all years."
good game