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I'm a fan of indie games and the art of ITORAH is amazing. I was about to buy the game and checked the "Save the World Edition" for additional features.

I didn't know the organization "Survival International", which is promoted by the developer, so I read their homepage. The German version of "Ideas for schools" and other pages include gender ideology. In my country there is a term "gendern", which is basically wrong grammar to talk about an unlimted number of genders.

I google "Grimbart Tales" and see a rainbow logo... The developers promote diversity.

This kind of political activism killed a lot of great movies and videogames. I don't know if the developer put this activism in their game and I don't care. This is the reason why I didn't buy the game. Keep in mind that this isn't a review. It's just frustration, because I don't want to think about social issues all the time.